Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Space Available Presents...Astronaut Muppet Babies

BB Young: Chaaaarlie, git off that Jeep. Do you wanna hitch a ride on mah bike? Buzz, you are NOT allowed.

BB Edgar Mitchell gives it some gangsta horse.
BB Duke: Woooooooo! One day, I'll remember this while I'm joyriding...on the Moon! Woot!
BB Aldrin: But...John and Chuck, I should be the one riding the bike. I have a doctorate in Theoretical Bike Riding from MIT. I'm gonna tell... (cries)
BB Alan Bean, still adorable even during the awkward pre-teen years.
These pictures are screencaps from the film The Wonder of It All. Thanks to Complex 34 on Tumblr for originally posting these!