Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jim Worden Shares Stories of His Flying Career, and His Big Brother, Al - Part Two

"He's not heavy, he's my brother": Jim Worden wheels Al Worden around at Al's 50th birthday party in 1982. The wheelchair was a joke. The party took place at a "home for seniors," with Al being wheeled in by a nurse. Photo Credit: Jim Worden
Earlier this week, readers found out what it was like to be the family member of an astronaut strapped into a Saturn V, on the way to the Moon. In this second part of Jim Worden's unpublished memoirs, Jim discusses what made his older brother have "The Right Stuff," and his own run-ins with a cast of interesting characters, including the King of Rock and Roll, and "a very popular but nasty rock band." Many, many thanks to Francis French and Jim Worden for making these excerpts available. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jim Worden Shares Stories of His Flying Career, and His Big Brother, Al - Part One

Al Worden's family waves goodbye to him prior to his launch to the Moon in July 1971. He is flanked by crewmembers Dave Scott (front) and Jim Irwin (behind Scott). Photo Credit: NASA
While you may have heard of his older brother, Jim Worden has, too, had a colorful life and career. Also a pilot, Jim has flown many celebrities around the world, and like his brother, has run into some very interesting characters. Here are some excerpts from Jim Worden's unpublished autobiography, where he discusses the genesis of his passion for aviation, his career, and, of course, stories about his brother's "camping trip" that happened to take him approximately 240,000 miles from Earth. Many thanks to author Francis French for making these excerpts available.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This Space Available Strikes Back: Summer 2015 Space Book Roundup

Did you miss me? 2014 photo at Kennedy Space Center, me with the Interstellar spacesuit.

SO I LIED. I said I wasn't going to update this space any longer, but old habits die hard, I guess, and I'm sick of being shy lately. At any rate, there are a great many wonderful spaceflight books that have debuted in 2015. Disclaimer: The ones I'm not giving capsule summaries/reviews of here I probably haven't read or ordered yet, but here is a selection that I've had the opportunity to sample this summer.

At long last, here is This Space Available's Summer 2015 Spaceflight Book Roundup. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

(With apologies to Douglas Adams)

I have decided after some consideration to end this blog, which was started in November 2010. Since that time, I've seen the end of the shuttle program, a few unmanned launches, and the beginning of the future (the Commercial Resupply Program, and then some). The journey has been beyond amazing and exciting, and I've met many friends for life.

This blog sort of began as me joking around about many figures in human spaceflight history, and over the years began to take on a life of its own. In 2011, I started a group on Facebook called Space Hipsters, which has increasingly taken up a lot of my time (we began with one moderator and four members; we now have four moderators and over 2,100 members). In 2013, I began writing for AmericaSpace, where I am to this day. I'm very proud of the team we have at AS, and we continue to grow each day. (You all know who you are, and you know I love you!)

Between several blogs, groups, and writing commitments, the scope of my interest in spaceflight is bigger than ever, but to some degree has changed. I'm more interested in going deeper, and dedicating my time to specific topics. I'll occasionally throw in some funny captions, but with time (and maturity, THANK GOD) things are different. For example, Space Hipsters started with me doing dumb captions to NASA public domain photos (basically, that's what it was!). Now, it has become a diverse and vibrant community where people share current space news, and stories from the past (and future). This is not due at all to me, this is due to the moderators and members - they have made the community what it is. And I'd like to thank everyone for their wonderful contributions.

I do have a few other things up my sleeve that I'm excited about starting, and you all will see it. But at this time, I'm saying goodbye to this blog, and I'm no longer updating it. (No worries, previous posts will still be up, the domain isn't going anywhere.) This may be "goodbye," but I'm not going anywhere

xoxo, Emily

Ad Astra, Bitches

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Made Even Better With Badass Cosmonauts

The Russian National Anthem, presented Friday, February 7, at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies. At about 1:45, cosmonauts Sergei Krikalev, Yelena Serova, Svetlana Savitskaya, Fyodor Yurchikhin, and Roman Romanenko step in to raise the Russian flag. Video originally presented by NBC - found via this link on YouTube. 

So, many space watchers were pretty thrilled to see some of Russia's best and most badass presenting the Russian and Olympic flags during Friday's opening ceremonies. The cosmonauts present included important figures from the Vostok, Salyut, Mir, and International Space Station eras. Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman ever in space, made an appearance to hoist the Olympic flag. 

For those interested in the activities of our cosmonaut friends, Russia's pride in their space program during the opening ceremonies was lovely and refreshing to see. 

Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space on 1963's Vostok 6, carries in the Olympic flag. She is at the bottom, far right. Photo Credit:  RIA Novosti, found on the Voice of Russia website.

Guess Who's Back

Deke Slayton, Bob Crippen, and John Young pose with STYLE at Third Century America, Kennedy Space Center, in 1976. NASA photo. 

Now that I have some free time, I can finally update this blog. 

So yeah... I've been absent for quite some time. I've come back to update this space...I'm hoping to have some interesting space experiences in 2014, so we'll see. Coming up soon, we can expect the SpaceX CRS-3 launch (March 16). I'm hoping to make it there in some capacity that weekend; there is nothing like seeing a launch, and I haven't seen one since 2012.
So welcome back, and I hope to bring you some content (photos, experiences, rants, meanderings, and the stupid stuff people have come to know from me) very soon. Stay tuned, and let's make 2014 a great year!

-Emily C. <3  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Greatest Music Video Ever? Col. Chris Hadfield Does "Space Oddity" in SPACE

From our friends at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), here's the country's finest doing an ah-maz-ing cover of the David Bowie chestnut. This has been posted a million times everywhere, but I'm going to post it again. 

By the way, Col. Hadfield will be back on terra firma tomorrow. This caps off an awesome mission for Hadfield; a couple of days back, he and his crew saved the day, fixing an ammonia leak on the ISS. I'll really miss his ever-awesome updates from space, but it will be great to see him and Exp. 35 back. 

In another CSA video, Col. Hadfield reflects upon his time on the ISS. The music sounds better with you, sir!