Sunday, February 13, 2011

Awkward Crew Portraits: Apollo 10 Edition

"Yo dawgs, we heard you like the moon, so we put a moon in your picture so you can look at the picture of yourselves in front of the moon while you orbit the moon..." Apollo 10 tries but fails to make eye contact, 1969.

From left, Eugene "Buzz Aldrin can KISS MY WHOLE GODDAMN ASS" Cernan, Tom "Don't Have Anything Witty to Say About Him" Stafford, and John "I Always Fail to Make Eye Contact" Young.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Caption Tha Photo: Jack Swigert, a Highball Glass, and a Fur Recliner

"Marilyn, you know when Jim's not around you dream of THIS!" Jack Swigert, May 1970. Photo courtesy of Life Magazine...thanks to Insert Space Here as always for hooking me up with this!

Thanks to everyone for their comments, and all of them were fantastic. However a commenter called "Animal" has won the captioning contest by telling it like was (possibly, although I know Marilyn only had eyes for her old man, Jimmy Jam Lovell). Anyways the winner gets some swag from This Space Available's HQ.

Oh yeah, and this photo also could've been easily:

Jack Swigert of the Week: PARTY TIME AT MY HOUSE!!!

"And then I said, who farted in here, guys? It wasn't me." From left, Fred Haise, Jim Lovell, and Jack Swigert, May 1970

The photo is courtesy of a Life Magazine shoot apparently done in Jack's bachelor pad after Apollo 13 ambled its way back to Earth.

There is one photo from this series of Jack holding what looks like a highball glass lounging in a fur recliner (YES HE OWNED ONE. WHY DO YOU ACT SO SURPRISED? HE HAD A LOT OF LAYDEEZ). I have been valiantly trying to hunt it down for ages. It pretty much says everything.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jim McDivitt Was A Bit Different From the Other Boys, Part I

"Guys, I saw this other Jim McDivitt, but he was super bad and he had black swan feathers all over him, so I stabbed him with this model rocket, and I also just gave the plot to Black Swan away..." Jim McDivitt forgets to take his meds, 1965

Many more thanks to Insert Space Here for making this masterpiece of a Gemini 4 photo available. There really are no words to express whatever is going on in this photograph. To be honest, I don't know a lot about Jimbo except that he apparently saw a UFO on one of his missions. I'm not shocked.

Awkward Crew Portraits: This Hot Mess Portrait...

"Okay, let's not kill each other long enough so we can take this f&%!ing picture." From left, Jim Lovell, Buzz Aldrin, Eugene Cernan, and Gordon Cooper

I am assuming these guys were supposed to be "sweeping up" the end of the Gemini Program or something. Jim, of course, is the only one who looks happy to be in the picture. The rest of the guys are giving it the best fake enthusiasm that they can muster for government pay.

The fact that they put Buzz and Gene next to each other makes me get the giggles. If you read Gene's book Last Man on the Moon, he made it pretty obvious that most of the time he wanted to strangle Buzz Aldrin. The way their heads are tenderly angled against each other...this picture is actually labeled "omgwhut" in my picture library.

Thanks to Retro Space Images on Facebook for this hot mess of a crew portrait.


"Dammit bubba, I tell ya, these thangs sure are cute." Gus Grissom and Deke Slayton take some time out to become buddies with a chipmunk, early 1960s.

I got this from the great Insert Space Here Tumblr. We vintage picture freaks at This Space Available highly recommend this awesome archive. Gus and Deke were best friends in the astronaut corps, and when Gus lost his life in the Apollo 1 fire Deke was extremely distraught for a long time afterwards (well, obviously...). I love this picture of these two badasses cuddling up to this tiny, sweet animal.

I wish these guys were still around to reminisce about their days as the baddest men in the astronaut corps. That would have been one hell of a collaborative book.

Picture courtesy of Life Magazine and Insert Space Here.