Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jim Worden Shares Stories of His Flying Career, and His Big Brother, Al - Part One

Al Worden's family waves goodbye to him prior to his launch to the Moon in July 1971. He is flanked by crewmembers Dave Scott (front) and Jim Irwin (behind Scott). Photo Credit: NASA
While you may have heard of his older brother, Jim Worden has, too, had a colorful life and career. Also a pilot, Jim has flown many celebrities around the world, and like his brother, has run into some very interesting characters. Here are some excerpts from Jim Worden's unpublished autobiography, where he discusses the genesis of his passion for aviation, his career, and, of course, stories about his brother's "camping trip" that happened to take him approximately 240,000 miles from Earth. Many thanks to author Francis French for making these excerpts available.