Sunday, May 12, 2013

Greatest Music Video Ever? Col. Chris Hadfield Does "Space Oddity" in SPACE

From our friends at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), here's the country's finest doing an ah-maz-ing cover of the David Bowie chestnut. This has been posted a million times everywhere, but I'm going to post it again. 

By the way, Col. Hadfield will be back on terra firma tomorrow. This caps off an awesome mission for Hadfield; a couple of days back, he and his crew saved the day, fixing an ammonia leak on the ISS. I'll really miss his ever-awesome updates from space, but it will be great to see him and Exp. 35 back. 

In another CSA video, Col. Hadfield reflects upon his time on the ISS. The music sounds better with you, sir!

Jack Swigert of the Week: BB JACK SWIGERT

Jack Swigert, 1951. BEFORE THA LADIES!!!!! Look at that baby face. 

Jack plays football at the University of Colorado, 1952-ish. Fun fact: Jack's nickname there was "Big Swig."