Friday, July 15, 2011

A Country Boy Can Survive...In Space, Part 1: John Watts Young

"Dang Gus. Ah hope they have some bacon n' cheese grits at the pre-flight breakfast." Gus Grissom is probably bewildered by John Young's Orlando ways prior to Gemini 3, March 1965. 

 "STOP MESSIN' WITH MAH FACE, Y'ALL." John looks a bit exasperated following Gemini 10, 1966.

"Mike, stop givin' these l'il kids mah cake. Ah was hungry, dang it." Cake time after Gemini 10, 1966. From left, Mike Collins, a young astro-fan, and John Young.

"Whut? They made a parkway out of meh? Aw shucks. Ah ain't dead yet. Nope. Far from it." John Young Parkway exit sign near Orlando, Florida. 

"Yeah. Space. It ain't nuthin'. Jus' a normal day in mah life." Following Gemini 3, 1965.

Photo credits: First three photos courtesy of NASA; John Young Parkway picture by Emily Carney; cigar smokin' picture courtesy of Life magazine.