Friday, July 15, 2011

A Country Boy Can Survive...In Space, Part 2: John Watts Young - Apollo 10 Edition

"Yeah. That's me, Geno, and TP. We jus' went to the moon. It ain't nuthin'." Apollo 10 egress training, 1969. NASA photo.

"We had a pool party. Ah have pool parties with Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford. Yeah. No big deal." 1969 Life magazine photo.

"We have swagger. Tom, why did'ya have to dominate the inflatable moon like that? Ah need mah swagger moment, too." 1969 Life magazine photo.

"Good grief, Charlie Brown. It's kinda lonely up here without Gene and TP." John does his CM pilot thing, 1969.  NASA photo.

"We jus' splashed down. Ah look kinda like ah have a stomachache here. TP is doin' his mission commander thang, and Gene is getting photobombed relentlessly. Whut more can ah say." Apollo 10's post-flight aircraft carrier press conference, 1969. NASA photo.