Monday, October 1, 2012

SpaceX CRS-1 Launch? Yeah, I Got That.

Hey guys and gals, I know I don't update this space as diligently as I should (life and work happens, and I've been very busy - happily so!), but I haven't forgotten about spaceflight. 

In fact, I will be at SpaceX's next launch on Sunday, Oct. 7. I am quite honored to have been invited to the NASA Social for this historic event. 

So, I will be providing pictures and updates about this event. I will be at the KSC Press Annex Saturday and Sunday, for all of the pre- and post-launch events. Also, I'm hoping to scope out some of the various space sites in the area, such as the Space Walk of Fame Museum (I've been there before, but it's a wonderful place). 

Feel free to hit me up on Facebook ( or my group on Facebook, Space Hipsters (yes, that's really its name - If I don't update this blog immediately, I'll definitely have some stuff there. Happy launching!