Monday, October 29, 2012

Astronaut Hysteria, Coming To You From KSC This Weekend

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's 2012 Astronaut Autograph Show will take place from Thursday, Nov. 1, to Saturday, Nov. 3. 

I will be going after the Atlantis relocation, which takes place Friday, Nov. 2, on Saturday. Woot! Lots of astros will be there, including Joe Kerwin (I hope he doesn't punch me for referring to him as "Squishy" online) and JIM MCDIVITT. Yes, one half of Gemini 4 will be there, among many, many others...including moonwalkers. Do you die? I hope to stay alive long enough to get some photos. 

So, expect some hysteria and screams enthusiasm on my end, coming from the Kennedy Space Center region. 

Also, for those readers up north, please stay safe during Hurricane Sandy.