Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Voyager Golden Record: Remixed by Aliens???

If you're a space enthusiast like me, you have most likely heard of the Voyager Golden Record placed on both Voyager space probes in 1977. An elusive group calling themselves "SETI-X" claims that they have rediscovered remixes of the record by apparent extraterrestrials. Here is a review of the resulting product from the acclaimed online publication Popshifter.

To hear the original golden record (and see the 116 images they managed to fit on the damn thing - pretty amazing for 1977) visit:

Let's hope if the extraterrestrials really got their hands (or paws...or tentacles, or whatever they have) on this record, they didn't take the images from 1977 too literally, or else they're coming to invade us taking fashion cues from this guy: