Monday, November 15, 2010

Lolstronauts: Alan B. Shepard, Rear Admiral, United States Navy

"Lieutenant, your incompetence has nothing to do with me." The Ice Commander tells it like it is.

Alan Shepard was a self-admitted sonofabitch who was Navy all the way, which is why he was a total badass. He had a slight reputation as being moody and steely-eyed - a bit authoritarian (not shocking, as this guy was one hell of a carrier fighter pilot). In his office at NASA he had a sign on the door with a smiley face on one side, and a frowny face on the other side. If you walked in when the sign was all frowny you were in for some massive shit. That being said, the "Ice Commander" could do whatever the hell he wanted. He was the first American in space and he walked on the freakin' moon. Enough said.

Missions completed:
  • MR-3 (Mercury Freedom 7 mission) - May 5, 1961 (completed approximately 15 minutes in space during a sub-orbital flight)
  • Apollo 14 - January 31 to February 5, 1971 (walked and even golfed on the freakin' MOON)