Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, John Young!

John Young, 1965. He was approximately my age (34) in this Life magazine photo. 

Happy birthday to Floridian badass and originator of the Blue Steel, John Young! John and his tousled hair are both 81 years old today.

Here's a short list of things John Watts Young has accomplished in his time on the planet:
  • Flew on Gemini 3 with Gus "I Am A Total Badass" Grissom (1965);
  • Flew on Gemini 10 with Mike Collins, the original space hipster (1966);
  • Flew on Apollo 10 with his bros Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan (1969);
  • Flew on Apollo 16 with Ken Mattingly and Charlie Duke, and walked on the FREAKIN' MOON (1972); and
  • Flew the space shuttle twice like a boss (STS-1 in 1981 and STS-9/Spacelab 1 in 1983).
He also probably made that particle or whatever go faster than the speed of light, but he's too humble to take any credit for it. At any rate...the day belongs to John Young.