Saturday, December 29, 2012

WTF Moments in Spaceflight TV Coverage: Disembodied Dave Scott Heads on TV, 1972 - 1981

The original Disembodied Dave Scott Head as seen on TV, flanked by a nonplussed John Young and Charlie Duke, April 1972. Photo by Retro Space Images.

"Dave? Whut in tarnation are yuh doin' here? Ah am tryin' to fly this dang shuttle. He's always tryin' to steal mah thunder." Disembodied Dave Scott Head, April 1981 version, shows up on ITV expressly to troll John Young. Apparently he's gone prematurely ash blond here. Screenshot from this fantastic video - thank you, Charles Hallan, for sharing this find!

"Someone tell me that I'm going to get paid for this. I want to take my makeup case and go home." Dave grins and bears it. Screenshot from ITV clip.