Monday, July 16, 2012

John Young's Greatest Hits, Part 2

Crip's all business, while John is a clown. STS-1 25th anniversary talk, 2006. 

If you ever had doubts about John Young's comedy prowess, watch this clip here (it's 53 minutes long, so get some tea and a snack). 

  • John discusses what would have happened if software hadn't canceled out aerodynamic sideslip on STS-1 ("You'd still be lookin' for us...");
  • Calls modern lunar/interplanetary landing techniques for "a bunch of sissies";
  • Just watch the entire clip. Seriously. The whole thing is hilarious. "How many of y'all worked on Gemini?"
I just reread Andrew Smith's book, Moondust, and giggled at John all over again. He was blatantly trolling the poor interviewer there by not looking at him and basically being a smartass, but it had a great result. John's contribution is one of the greatest parts of the book and I think revealed the most about him (well, more than other books have, but his memoir is on its way...). Viva John forever!

Pool partiez, 1969. Life magazine photo.