Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get Out Your Skylab Shields, 'Cos Phobos-Grunt is Coming Down January 15

According to a report from (rechristened as "" by me right now), the doomed Russian interplanetary probe Phobos-Grunt is scheduled to come down as soon as January 15. 

It's a rather large payload, with potentially toxic hydrazine fuel on board. Hopefully, most of the toxic components should burn up in the atmosphere, leaving 440 pounds (30 to 40 pieces) left to hit the earth. It's expected to reenter somewhere over 51 degrees north latitude and 51 degrees south latitude, which means a lot of the earth will be potentially exposed. 

When Phobos-Grunt comes down, This Space Available intends to provide readers with updates, unless I get crushed by a piece of fallen satellite, sort of like this: 

Farmers' insurance agents meet a Mercury capsule and Ham the astronaut. From YouTube.