Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Space Movie Review Korner - Apollo 18 Edition

"THE SPACE CAPSULE IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE." Apollo 18 brings the lolz, disappoints. 

So here's my review of the hot mess soon-to-be space horror classic Apollo 18. 

I hope this review encapsulates the feelings I had when I watched this movie tucked into a seat in the back of the theater hoping no one would see me there. I literally started laughing violently at some of the scenes in the movie and took a picture of myself doing this. However, I deleted the photo because some usher at the theater got mad. Oh, well. At least he didn't kick me out. However, I wouldn't have cared, because I knew how the movie was going to end anyway. 

Here's some selected text of this review to ponder:
"The word 'predictable' is almost too predictable of an adjective to even begin to describe Apollo 18. In fact, I think I broke my computer’s thesaurus trying to find more synonyms for 'predictable.' (My hard drive is going to start smoking a cigarette in about two seconds.)"
Read the review and draw your own conclusion. EDIT: SPOILERS INCLUDED! If you were going to see this movie, I am going to ruin it for you. 

Text and photo courtesy of Popshifter, September/October 2011.