Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So Yeah, I Make Videos. Videos Are Cool Now.

Video created by Emily Carney. LEGAL NOTE: All photos by NASA. Song is "This Is It" by Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, 1979. I have no ownership of the content within this film.

I've had the same YouTube channel since 2005 or 2006 under the name emilybot. Generally it was my hub to "favorite" post-punk and comedy videos.

I've just started uploading videos on the channel this last week. 

I don't intend on really getting too obsessed with video, since I generally enjoy writing, but I like the idea of creating slideshows and sharing NASA photos with people who may have similar interests. So here's my tribute to the 1977 Approach and Landing Tests, STS-1, and STS-2. All set to some appropriate 1970s yacht rock! Because the space shuttle was probably a big fan of yacht rock. Or something.

Anyways, enjoy the video. I think some of y'all might dig it. It has lots of pretty pictures of astronauts generally being total badasses, and of course it has lots of Enterprise and Columbia. 

DID YOU KNOW: Construction on Columbia began in...1974? Columbia assembly started in Palmdale, California on June 4, 1974. Enterprise assembly started on June 21 during the same year. Initial contracts were awarded to various contractors starting 40 years ago in 1971. And the rest, as they say, is history...