Saturday, November 13, 2010

Caption Tha Photo: Apollo 13's Pre-Launch Breakfast

The This Space Available blog post Apollo 13's Pre-Launch Breakfast is now located at


  1. "Invisible communist gag not quite as funny as in car."

  2. Lovell: "And that's when I grabbed Frank Borman by his collar, and told him if he ever farted again in the Gemini module, he was going out the window!"

  3. Bring on the sexy stews man !!

  4. Fred: "I should rest at home in the next days..."

    Jim: "Three guys saw a mouse in space, Fred said "hey guys, i'll give cheese to the mouse" Jack replied "Well, I'm sure she could become as big as the cat that my daughter is rising..." I replied "Guys.... Where is the mouse?" Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha...

    Jack: "Yeah, he's that funny... That's why we like him as a commander."


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